Hi guys How are you? I hope everyone is well,

Do you know what I felt today, each search engine become patriotic for their countries. Yeah Actualy it muct bew for normal informations but its more. I searched my Russian blog on google firstly its not show this their serp result, than tryed bing its also not and than yahoo its absolutly no but at the end I thougth maybe this blog not good and search engines didnt see my website I told myself but later remembered yandex What it will do? Result is great yandex search engine crawd my website everyday when I publish something they are taking this in time. 

They dont care blog location or just looking which countries using mainly this main domain and what about this blog content. It means they start to understand our words they by day well. I think semantic engines will improve also life. But if its a machine anyway they wont be better than human.

So we will see on next generations