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19 mai 2015

I Will Close Also This Post Area

Hi Russian Romanian and all other slaw friends, I take a desicion today also I wanna close this post area because this one becoming for me realy difficult when its be French language. I am sorry I know only English and Turkish for work but sometimes its not be enough for me to do all work so I dont want to spend alot of time for this sharings. I decidede so close this blog like other edublog. But at the end I wanted to shre with you some games I hope you will like also them and you will play them everyday.


Traffic Racer

traffic racer


Its muc more popular in Romania, Serbia Ukrain and Russia I hope you will like it when it play now.


Smashdown Boxing

smashdown boxing

You know Balkan people like such games. Who wanna be boxer?


ICY Tower Online

icy tower online


This icy tpwer fantastic game many romanian guy playing everyday.

See you guys for this servis I hope we wont see again :)

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11 mai 2015

I am still waiting this Russian blog


Hi guys How are you? I hope everyone is well,

Do you know what I felt today, each search engine become patriotic for their countries. Yeah Actualy it muct bew for normal informations but its more. I searched my Russian blog on google firstly its not show this their serp result, than tryed bing its also not and than yahoo its absolutly no but at the end I thougth maybe this blog not good and search engines didnt see my website I told myself but later remembered yandex What it will do? Result is great yandex search engine crawd my website everyday when I publish something they are taking this in time. 

They dont care blog location or just looking which countries using mainly this main domain and what about this blog content. It means they start to understand our words they by day well. I think semantic engines will improve also life. But if its a machine anyway they wont be better than human.

So we will see on next generations

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09 mai 2015

Do you know what I learnt?


Hi Russian children. Do you what I learnt yesterday. I published three post my each blogs first was Australian blog, second was Indian blog and this one is Russian blog theree articles with my ste backling than this morning I searched all pages with site: domain name but WHAT happen. Google shows only Australian blog its mean google loves Australian guy more than Russians and Indians. They  think Russian and Indian guys are spammer but not Australians. But I am trying also now. When I publish this post without link so i hope it will take this blog post nside. I just hope and stil waiting this.


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08 mai 2015

What Russian Children Will Play


Hi Russian Kids I am writing this messages like a duck game site owner because I dont like your country economic and advertisement system. I looking from long time my analytics there are not enough click rates from your country, if even you click on my website its not profitable. I am thinking so yeah Russian kids very king but you are not lucky like British, American or Australianns. I hope one day sun will leugh on your face...

Aaa last minutes I was forgeting please play also this game I dont wan click from you its realy suitable for you. I hope you will like this game it must be better for Russians.

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26 décembre 2013

Russian kid's interest in piano and theatre

moscow music academy


Popular Piano and theatre Russian schooling system fascinate many students regarding piano and theatre again and again. Russian kids will have true artistic quality. Russian piano and theatre schools offer many techniques and ways of learning pianos and act. Hence most of the Russian children are interested in piano and theatre. Being the land of music, Russia has given many of the popular musicians from its place. Russian musicians play different methodical rules to play piano, and they will use very easy techniques to teach from their students. Hence most of the students go for piano schooling in Russia.

фото 2

Piano Class


фото 3

russia piano


фото 4

russia theatre


фото 4

russian theaters


фото 5

sofi with piano


фото 6

theatres moscow



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17 décembre 2013

Why do Russian children love bears?



Russia is the land of cute bears and the amazing tulips flowers. Especially eastern Russia is the place where you can find most of the bears playing with their kids. Russian kids love bears as it is a friendly creature, and sometimes it is very dangerous too. Being an Arctic region, Russia also consists of many polar bears that wear a thick fur which keeps them warm. All these features of a polar bear made the Russian children to love bears as well as polar bears. Polar bears can also even swim for almost continuously miles together. Hence most of the children in Russia are bear lovers. 




Picture 3




Picture 4



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